17 Februari 2010

Welcome Back

Hahaha maaf lama nggak posting^^

mungkin saiia harus mengubah konsep blog ini yaaaaaaaa

not in english again

visitornya bertambah sedikit :p

mungkin blog ini kembali aktif lagi mulai besok pagi

~salam blogger~
fully saiia

21 Juli 2009

The Winner L-Men Of The Year 2009

Hi guys!!! Did u know about L-Men? Surely You must know about the winner of "L-Men Of The Year 2009"

And the winner goes to...

STEVEN!!! Student, majoring in Visual Communication Design from Jawa Barat 2 (West Java 2)

Currently, Steven is still attending his college majoring in Visual Communication Design. Having ever been the male of the month in one of the teen magazines, this Bandung born Grand Finalist has interest in art, especially photography. Steven, who loves swimming and bicycling, dreams he can have his own photography studio or a fitness centre.

Congrats to Steven!!!

18 Juni 2009

The Kingdom of Ganesha

Brussel, An Taman Indonesia for the width of 5 hectare opened in Belgia. called garden The Kingdom of Ganesha is a appreciation and honour for Indonesian nation.
garden have Location in Parc Paradisio, Brugelette, Belgia, that have been opened and opened on 20/5/2009 by The Minister of Kebudayaan and Pariwisata RI Jero Wacik, consorted Dubes RI Nadjib Riphat Kesoema, Director General Pemasaran Pariwisata Sapta Nirwandar and Staf Ahli Khusus Menbudpar Harbunangin.

From [party/ side] Belgia for example The Minister of Ekonomi, Labour and Culture Walonia, Jean Claude Marcourt and CEO Parc Paradisio, Eric Domb.
Opening ceremony coloured by theX the ceremony have Bali nuance with hallowing Pura Agung Shanti Buwana, witnessed [by] [about/around] the is 800 invitation of background drug Taman Indonesia first in this Europe.

“Taman Indonesia in Belgia this don't only door and window to recognize the Indonesia, but also a appreciation and honour for Indonesian nation in Europe,” Menbudpar Jero Wacik in his greeting.
Separately Dubes Nadjib add that the garden digagas CEO Eric Domb don't only drawing near the Europe society to Indonesia, but moreover is a confession for Indonesia.
" That in fact Indonesia have unique which very draw for competent world to continue to to become attention of other nation,” that way Nadjib.
Indonesia miniatur
Big complex Taman Indonesia for the width of this 5 hectare scarce truely, special unique at the same time, don't only for Europe society but for Indonesia citizen in Europe. In this garden is Puri Agung Shanti Buwana, equal to real measure in Bali, stand up above high rise rice field ala rice field in Ubud.
Besides is also provided with the big replica temple Prambanan boosting high, and also in line big stone block ala Gunung Kawi at the opposite of temple wall.
In front of visible spandrel Rumah Toraja, temple replica Borobudur and in visible backside traditional house of East Nusa Tenggara, in line encircle the garden back part. This still diperindah by immeasurable statue, old aereal root, and big tree bole, which have become fossil of area Banten.
" scheduled by the end of this month Sumatranese elephant will arrive to enrich this Taman Indonesia," say Korfungsi Pensosbud PLE Priatna.

delivered Javanese Bali
This garden form thank to love CEO Parc Paradisio, Eric Domb to Indonesia. Commemorative 60 year opened by theX of diplomatic Indonesia-Belgia, cooperation KBRI Brussel and Eric Domb this produce fruit the special pickings.
Garden complex woke up in its entirety by special delivered actors of Bali and workers of Central Java and Bali. Counted 22 people work to develop;build the garden since final 2006 and have in two year.
Priatna explain that to take care of authenticity and aroma magical keindonesiaan, stones to develop;build the big gate and entire/all footpath coat come Indonesianly. Totalize it is about 320 temple stones container imported from mountainside Merapi Jawa Tengah (Central Java).
" Serious what a him Parc Paradisio introduce the Indonesia culture in this Europe center," say Priatna.
Parc Paradisio is a fauna and flora conservation garden, is woke up since 2000 in the middle of building remains chateau (old kastil), with collection about 1500 crop species and 3500 animal species.
" This garden don't only to to center the recreation offer friendliness of nature, human, and culture, but also conservation conception modernly, which fly the permanent promotion for tourism, economic and Indonesia invesment in heart Uni Eropa this," that way Priatna.

08 Juni 2009

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27 Mei 2009

Rezky Aditya On Melati Untuk Marvel

Wahaha... this is my luvly Marvel on "Melati Untuk MArvel"
One Of The Most Popular Electronic Cinema in Indonesia

Rezky as "Mr. Jay" M2M (Melati Untuk Marvel)

Rezky Aditya is Marvel but this is Mr. Jay

Playing As Mr. Jay Cool Too^^

Rezky as Marvel

Rezky Pas Jadi Marvel

18 Mei 2009

Mr. Rifky Balwel, coolest boy!